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  • Trade David Wright to the Red Sox?
    By DSchwartz on July 7, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    I’ve been scolded lately for saying the Mets should potentially at least look into trading Jose Reyes to the Red Sox for 2 of their top young pitching prospect and Jed Lowrie as well. In a post from Bleacher Report (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/213365-new-york-mets-need-to-make-a-trade-for-the-future), Joseph Delgrippo says the Mets should potentially look to trade David Wright/3b + Fernando Martinez/of to the Red Sox for Clay Buchholz/sp, Lars Anderson/1b, Jacoby Elsbury/of, and 2 from Justin Masterson, Michael Bowden, and Daniel Bard/p. He goes on to say the Mets could sign a 1 or 2 year free agent 3rd baseman until Wilmer Flores/ss is ready to play 3b in the Majors.

    Honestly, it’s very, very intriguing. As a Mets fan i’d have to say it’s…fair – maybe better than fair. The Mets rotation would look amazing for years to come. The one thing I will say is… I already like the Red Sox, and this deal will allow me to stop watching the Mets for at least this year and become a full-time Red Sox fan. Sorry, but honestly, it’s been rough. I’ve been watching Wright since his short days in Binghamton, and he’s about the only bright spot this year (and not (w)right now).

    I’ll root for both teams deep down.

    If they make this deal, why not trade Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran as well? Stack the team for years to come. Fellow Mets fans…It’s been hard. It’s been devestating. The Phillies are better. The Marlins probably will be next year. The Braves could be as well. Let’s just enjoy baseball and hope.

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  • To the Mets-Red Sox Trade Naysayers
    By DSchwartz on June 30, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    This is just in response to the nay-sayers and scolders of my last post:

    Mets Hurting;Red Sox-Mets Potential Trade


    There were a few scolding comments, however, the idea was again brought up via MetsBlog.com (probably the top Mets Blog). Matthew Cerrone (author and site creator) had this to say:

    …lastly, i’d have to think long and hard about what can be had for Jose Reyes, whose ultimate potential i am starting to lose faith in… last month, Boston talk-radio host Danny Picard suggested on his blog I’m Just Sayin, that, in the off season, the Red Sox should offer RHP Clay Buchholz, top prospect RHP Michael Bowden, OF Jacoby Ellsbury and SS Jed Lowrie to the Mets for reyes… this would be super tempting, to say the least

    Obviously, this is A LOT to give up for Reyes and that good of an offer won’t happen, but Buchholz, Bowden, and Lowrie for Reyes+… I don’t see how that couldn’t happen (before Reyes’ injury). Hopefully his injury isn’t catastrophic and if he’s back in time healthy by the deadline, I can see such a deal being at least talked about, and I want credit.

  • Mets Hurting;Red Sox-Mets Potential Trade
    By DSchwartz on June 12, 2009 | 9 Comments9 Comments  Comments

    After the first loss to the Phillies this past series, MetsBlog.com writer, Regis Courtemanche wrote, “Win or lose, I love the way the Mets are playing right now.  They seem completely focused on the task at hand, and Citi Field seems to have finally come alive. Still disappointing to let this one get away though.” FYI, MetsBlog is one of the best (Mets) Blogs out there. To be honest, I disagree with the statement, however the Mets are without their starting SS, 1b, 2 SP’s and both our set-up men. That’s right – “both.” Eventually this season, the Mets will have Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, JJ Putz, Billy Wagner, Oliver Perez (and John Maine now) all coming off the DL. The Phillies are only 4 games ahead, but with a bullpen of K-rod, and potentially healthy and effective relievers, such as Wagner and Putz, the Mets rotation will only have to pitch 6 effective innings each night (for the most part). And that’s great because it seems Redding , Maine , and Oliver (and often times Santana and Pelfrey) can never pass that plateau. The offense will have to come out romping, however – something they couldn’t do last year and something they haven’t been able to do this season even prior to Reyes and Delgado going down. With that said, I’m still very willing to “wait and see” how the Mets perform after Reyes, Delgado, Maine, Oliver, Putz, and Wagner come back, however, the question is and will be – is it too late?

    Do the Mets need to do something to shake the team up? In a prior post (http://www.majorleagueblogging.com/major-league-baseball/lets-play-gm-mets-crazy-trade-scenarios/), I talked about the potential need to shake up the team, and I threw out some crazy trade scenarios. The reality is, people, reporters, and teams are catching on that the Red Sox have 9 at least effective or ready major league starters. It’s also fairly clear they could use an effective shortstop, which is where, to me, the Mets should come in to play. I love Reyes, but could he land us both Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden? I think he could. I think that’s worth it – for both teams. We could potentially add a catching prospect to the deal (Francisco Pena or Josh Thole) – they’re young, but the Red Sox have and may have a need for a catcher in the future if they don’t trade for/sign Joe Mauer/Twins (after or during) next year. Another potential aspect I would add to to the deal (if I were Omar Minaya) is Oliver Perez. This is only to free up salaray to trade for and sign another need (Matt Holliday)? That’s not essential, but if the Red Sox were willing to take on Perez’s salary in addition to losing their top 2 pitching prospects in the deal, then I would do that. I’d then, however, ask for a more than effective reliever: Manny Delcarmen/Takashi Saito. So i’d potentially like to see:

    Mets Receive: Clay Buchholz/sp; Michael Bowden/sp; Takashi Saito/rp; Jed Lowrie/ss

    Red Sox Receive: Jose Reyes/ss; Oliver Perez/sp; Josh Thole or Francisco Pena/c

    I guess there’s a contingency – Jose Reyes’ health. Would this prevent such a trade? The Sox do still have Nick Green and Julio Lugo to hold down the ss job while Reyes is out. Again this would then allow us to potentially go for Matt Holliday, Mark Derosa, or other outfielders via trade this season or free agency after, so Daniel Murphy could stay at first next year with the assumption that Carlos Delgado will be gone. Our lineup would obviously hurt without Reyes for the rest of the year, but if we trade for another bat for the lineup, the Rotation with Buchholz and or Bowden would be much more effective than Tim Redding.


  • Fantasy Baseball: Free Agent Strategy
    By DSchwartz on April 13, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    If your fantasy leagues have waiver wire/free agent addition restrictions like all my leagues do, there is a strategy I like to attend to, and I’ll give you the reasoning. Most of my league-mates make fun of me for picking up an infinite amount of players as soon as possible and only having 5/10 additions allowed left by the season’s end. In a standard 12 team 5×5 Rotisserie League, we started off with 100 waiver moves allowed. This turned into 75, 60, and then 50. So I’ll focus on 50 free agency moves allowed. I think a good strategy is to use 75% (~37 free agents) of your waiver limit (if needed of course) in the first 2 months (even during or after the first month) of the season. I think you get a fantastic idea of how players are doing and what players have become and will stay hot ala Carlos Quentin and Nate McLouth (for ¾ of the season at least) in 2008. Most likely you won’t need to spend 75% of your free agent additions by this time, but I say don’t be scared wasting many of your additions by this point. Obviously, you should save 10-15% (~5-7 additions) of your waiver additions for the end of the season contingent on what statistics you may need, and this still allows you 10-15% (~5-7 additions) when you have certain player/positions go to the DL. If you think about it, most players that readily help a team won’t be there by season’s end other than top prospects called up to help a team (David Price in 2008) – I never said waste your waiver order on all these free agents. Make sure if you drafted last and you have the number 1 waiver spot, you save that for when a David Price-Type player in 2009 does become available (Tommy Hanson of the Braves if he lands a Starting/Closing Role) or an Evan Longoria-Type position player (Matt Wieters/Catcher from the O’s if he somehow is still available on your waiver-wire) becomes available.

    By using this strategy, you could have added free agents Mark Reynolds/3b, Carlos Quentin/of, Nate Mclouth/of, Alexei Ramirez/mi, and Evan Longoria/3b in 2008. Once a few starters get some innings under their belts and you’re hopefully looking at their whip and k/bb ratio, you could have landed Cliff Lee, Edinson Volquez, Kevin Slowey, and Scott Baker, or even Liriano by season’s end if you were quick enough. These guys helped in almost every pitching category. There’s still 2/3 category pitchers you could have had like Jamie Moyer (wins-16, era, whip) and Mile Pelfrey (wins-13, era) as well.

    Here is the following team that could have been drafted either very late or not at all and some potential 2009 breakout candidates per position:

    The 2008 All Fantasy Undrafted/Late-Drafted Fantasy Team (& 2009 Potentials):

    2008 Players Teams 2009 Players Teams
    c Mike Napoli laa c Matt Wieters/Ramon Hernandez bal/cin
    c Chris Ianetta col 17hr/70rbi (Even w/ limit Wieters-Time)
    1b Joey Votto cin c Ivan Rodriguez/Chris Snyder hou/arz
    2b Alexei Ramirez chw 1b Casey Kotchman/Billy Butler atl/roy
    3b Evan Longoria tb rbi opportunities should be there
    ss Mike Aviles roy 2b Mark Teahen roy
    ci Mark Reynolds arz 17hr/10sb in the 2-whole?
    mi Jose Lopez sea 3b Josh Fields cws
    of Carlos Quentin cws 25hr/5sb?
    of Nate McLouth pir ss Jed Lowrie/Khalil Greene bos
    of Nelson Cruz tex Greene Lineup Position & Lowrie’s BOS lineup
    of Jayson Werth phl ci Hank Blalock/Chad Tracy tex/arz
    of Jay Bruce cin Reynolds 230 average may lose out AB’s to Tracy
    u Chris Davis tex mi Chris Getz/Mike Fontenet cws/chc
    10hr/10sb candidates at MI is helpful
    p Cliff Lee cle of Ryan Spilboroughs col
    p Edinson Volquez cin everyday COL lineup
    p Baker/Slowey/Liriano min of Seth Smith col
    p Ricky Nolaso fla of Jason Kubel min
    p Ryan Dempster/Jamie Moyer phl/phl if Cuddyer/Young don’t steal AB’s
    p Mike Pelfrey nym of Daniel Murphy nym
    p Brad Ziegler/Joel Hanrahan oak/was 90r-16hr-75-rbi-9sb-285avg – POST TO COME
    p Brandon Morrow/Chad Qualls sea/arz of Jordan Schafer atl
    p George Sherril/Dan Wheeler bal/tb 15hr/15sb candidate. Needs Escobar’s Lineup Spot
    u Chris Dickerson/Matt Diaz cin/atl
    if either wins the everyday OF job
    p Phil Hughes nyy
    Wang/Pettite/Joba/Burnett/Sabathia Could get Hurt
    p Ubaldo Jimenez/Franklin Morales col
    Ubaldo: 12w-3.99era-172k’s
    p Braden/Cahill/Eveland oak
    Brandon Trevor Webb Cahill – 2010?
    p Anthony Reyes cle
    1.83era,1.25whip in 6 AL Starts (2008)
    p Paul Maholm pit
    3.71 era (2008)
    p Tommy Hanson/Kawakami atl
    Young & New Talent
    p Jose Arredondo/Manny Corpas laa/col
    If Fuentes/Street loses job
    p George Sherril/Chris Ray bal
    Either could win/keep/lose/or leave O’s w/out a CL
    p Jason Motte/Chris Perez stl
    Keep a watch – both have great ratios
  • 2009 Red Sox Preview: Second Base
    By BosoxDynasty on March 1, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments
    With a six-year extension under his belt, Pedroia will be looking to show he is worth every single penny.

    With a six-year extension under his belt, Pedroia will be looking to show he is worth every single penny.

    He’s a little guy but he really packs a punch. Dustin Pedroia will be entering his third season in the Majors, coming off a spectacular MVP season from a year ago and a Rookie of the Year one the year before.

    Pedroia is the complete package as a ballplayer-he’s a great hitter, he can hit for power on occasion, he is a Gold Glover, and he is fast. He is definitely going to make another huge impact this year.

    The Sox do have a void behind Pedroia though, as Alex Cora signed with the Mets this offseason. This probably gives Julio Lugo the edge when it comes to the shortstop positional battle, as Lugo can’t play second, while Jed Lowrie can. The Sox may address this void later in the year if Lugo struggles early, but Lugo may finally contribute and postpone this until as late as the trade deadline.

  • Do you mean it Julio, do you really mean it?
    By BosoxDynasty on February 23, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments
    Julio Lugo got $36 Million for 4 years before the 2007 season. He knows it's time to give some back.

    Julio Lugo got $36 Million for 4 years before the 2007 season. He knows it's time to give something back.

    Julio Lugo, probably the worst signing in the American League in the past few seasons. Signed in the 2006 offseason to the tone of $36 Million for four years, Lugo hasn’t given much back to the team that won him his first ring. He hit just .237 in 2007, although he did have a good second half that year, hitting .280. In 2008 Lugo was looking to bouce back, and did get off to a decent start, but he suffered an injury midway through the season and only got 82 games in.

    This opened the door for rookie Jed Lowrie, who more than erased the memory of Lugo constantly hitting into rally-killing double plays. Now Lugo and Lowrie will compete for the starting job, though many fans are calling it pointless and they already view Lowrie as the everyday starter.

    However, Terry Francona is hinting that Lugo is the front runner, and I can’t blame him. While Lugo has struggled, he is still a proven veteran compared to the 2nd year Lowrie. Plus, the Red Sox never addressed the loss of utilityman Alex Cora, and are now left without a backup at 2nd Base. Lowrie can fill that position fine, but can you really see Lugo at 2nd Base? He struggled as LA’s utility man three years ago after being dealt by the Devil Rays at the trade deadline.

    Anyway, Lugo believes this is the year he finally shows his worth. “I’m ready to do it now,” Lugo said. “I’m ready to get back to the level I was at. I’m hungry every day. That’s why I get paid so much money — to do well. That’s what I’m going to do.”

    Well any way you look at it, Boston is stuck with him for another two years, so he may as well give us something to cheer about during this time.


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